Mobile-friendliness officially becomes important

Derek Ashauer

For the first time ever, Google is announcing beforehand a major change in their algorithm and specifically what is going to change. In the past, they didn’t even announce it let alone say what was changing. That is how much impact this change in their algorithm is going to have on their search results. Google […]

WordPress automatic updates: The good and the bad

Derek Ashauer

WordPress will be rolling out automatic updates to the core in version 3.7. WordPress currently has a simple update system but it requires manually initiating that process. This new automatic update system will update everything without you having to touch a single thing. The Good The number one reason sites get hacked is because they […]

SEO & PPC yields best results for e-commerce

Derek Ashauer

When starting an e-commerce website, one of the biggest obstacles is getting those first sales. For  direct marketing efforts, it appears that having good search engine rankings and using Pay-Per-Click advertising appears to be by far the most effective with email marketing showing well and growing. Custora, a customer acquisition platform, just released data taken […]

WordPress sites under attack

Derek Ashauer

So many of our clients have sent us articles about WordPress sites being under attack. There is a large coordinated attack currently going on. This attack is trying to take advantage of the fact that older installations of WordPress used to make the first user account on the site have the username “admin”. Combined with […]

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