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Bump to Bump Maternity is an online (and hopefully future brick-and-mortar) store which lets people sell their lightly used maternity clothes on consignment. We all know maternity clothes don’t get used much and they can be quite expensive for 1-2 uses before they are outgrown or the baby arrives.

Bump to Bump uses a 3rd party consignment system which also has an online component using the X-Cart e-commerce system. However, the 3rd party would not allow us to access any of the HTML for the entire website and we were forced to use the terrible, default HTML that comes with X-Cart templates. Having access to only a CSS file and at least being able to use our own images, we had very strict limits we had to work within. Even with the difficulties presented, we were¬† able to come up a fun, slightly quirky, cute but not too girly-cute website that makes it stand high and above it’s competitors.

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