When someone contacts you from your website, how quickly do you respond to them? A day, few days, a week? Every minute that passes decreases the chances of that new lead converting. In fact, there is evidence that anything over 24 hours has a huge drop off in conversion rate. People want results, they want information, they want a response right away. From the moment they hit “submit”, they are waiting for you to respond and the longer they wait the less likely they will do business with you.

At AshWebStudio, we can definitely vouch for this. When we are able to respond to a request from our website within an hour or two, those prospective clients are much happier and like talking with us. They seem quite excited that someone actually responded right away since apparantly many web companies don’t like to respond for several days. Sometimes we get busy and can’t get back right away, and there is a noticeable difference in their willingness to talk with us, discuss their project and eventually become a client.