In our request for a quote form, one of the last questions asks prospective clients what their website budget is. On many other web design company websites, this same question is asked. However, it is the most common question which people tend to leave blank or say “I don’t know”. My guess is that people don’t want to include a number here because then they might be given a quote that is right at the edge of their budget. I can understand that – I would be likely to do that too. Another reason might be because they genuinely don’t know how much a good website costs so they don’t know how much to budget for it.

We do have set prices for standard websites so we always give the same number regardless of budget. However, when you go beyond a basic website, there are many ways to accomplish the same thing – each with a varying level of sophistication and thus varying price tag. If we know what your budget is, we can find the best solution that does what a client needs at a price level they can afford. For example, we can put together an e-commerce website anywhere from $2000 up to $10,000 and probably even higher. There are differences in the features available at the different price ranges, but at least there are options for different price levels.

Most web design and development companies aren’t trying to max out a client’s budget (I hope), but having their budget in mind really helps put together a proposal that the client can afford.