I’m very excited to say that the summer of 2011 has been fantastic here at AshWebStudio. We saw a surge in new projects after we launched our new website in the spring. I think it is safe to say everyone loves the new look.

With growth comes change and we are no exception. This summer has seen AshWebStudio bring on it’s first “employee” (technically a sub-contractor on advice from our accountant – you small biz owners likely know how that goes), Blaine, who is going to be helping with many of the day-to-day tasks that are necessary in both the business and client sides of things. What exactly does that mean? Basically he is learning the entire business alongside Derek to help alleviate many of the time consuming tasks so Derek can regain his full attention on what he does best – helping clients create great looking, effective websites. From handling support requests from existing clients or doing internal tasks, Blaine is going to be an extremely vital component of the success here at AshWebStudio.

Not so much of a change, but an expansion. We are currently working on our plan for offering a new hosted content management system, AshWebCMS, in addition to WordPress. WordPress is a fantastic platform for developing client sites and we will continue to use it. However, we have learned that sometimes WordPress is actually bigger than what some clients need. AshWebCMS will be positioned as an even more affordable content management solution for our clients and we look forward to getting it launched soon!

We hope you have enjoyed your summer so far and look forward to working together to continue mutual growth online.