In the time when the internet is buyers’ favorite channel to find out about new products or services, there is no greater investment for your business than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a specialized research-driven process that analyzes and edits your website to increase its search engine ranking. By targeting strategic key phrases, your website or your message can be promoted to global or regional audiences that are seeking precisely what you offer. It makes your brand known to the people who matter and increases the scope of business.

If your business has an online presence, you have probably heard about SEO. You are probably even convinced that SEO is good for all online businesses, no matter what the size! You probably just don’t know how powerful it is. The digital landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years but what has remained consistent is the efficacy of search engine optimization as a marketing strategy. While there are numerous benefits of a good optimization strategy, we have listed some of them here, just to emphasize why it is awesome and how our Fort Collins SEO company is the right choice for your digital marketing strategy.

Faster & friendlier website for users

The basic reason why you have a website is to increase your customer base. SEO rearranges your site’s architecture and links in a way that the web pages are easier to find and navigate for users as well as search engines. This makes your website faster and more user-friendly and this, in turn, improves the user experience. When users are happy, search engines are happy as well. So, it’s a win-win solution for both your users as well as your brand.

Increased targeted traffic

It’s the age of inbound marketing whereby customizing your web presence and content as per the customers’ needs and search behaviors, you can generate new leads and better conversion rates. SEO focuses on creating informative and keyword relevant meta descriptions and title tags which help to increase click through rate and thus, it increases targeted traffic to your website. Note that some SEO agencies lean on higher search volume as a proof to show that their campaign was successful. However, traffic can be meaningless unless it constitutes the kind of people who are likely to buy your products or services. Thus, it’s increased targeted traffic that results in increased sales. This is a definite way to maximize your business efforts and expand your brand.

Competitive edge over other brands

There are countless companies thriving in the same industry as you. What distinguishes you? One of the distinguishing factors can be visibility. Businesses that have websites are more findable than those without an online presence. On the same lines, those websites which are SEO optimized are more visible and hence findable when someone searches online for a particular product or service. This brings more prospective buyers and sales.

If you think that you can do well without it, think twice. If your competitors are doing SEO and social media marketing, you too will have to act on it to survive. Else, they will appear before you on Google and get all those hits that could convert to sales, no matter how good your product, service or pricing is! However, if they are not doing it, this can be your chance to differentiate and dissolve competition.

Improved brand awareness & credibility

Top position rankings on search engines can result in significant numbers of impressions. Everyone trusts popular search engines like Google to show relevant and reputable results. A user is more likely to trust a brand if it appears in the first places when he searches for a term, something which SEO can easily do. Thus, search engine optimization can help your brand gain greater exposure, brand awareness as well as credibility.

Better ROI (Return on Investment) than paid ads

Using good SEO strategy, you can get increased targeted traffic that is more likely to convert into sales than the traffic which you attract by paid advertisements like Adwords and PPC. Moreover, the results are permanent. You do not stop getting hits the moment you stop paying for ads. Hence, SEO is a cheaper and long term solution which should not be seen as a cost but as an investment.

Compatibility across all web browsers and devices

These days, new web browsers are gaining popularity at an increasing rate. When your site is fully optimized, it is compatible across all browsers as well as devices. This ensures that a maximum number of visitors are able to view your website correctly.

24/7 Marketing

A search engine optimized website works like a 24/7 marketing team in itself. It works to grow your business all the time, even while you sleep. If you are trying to market your business, nothing will do as good as SEO.

Social Media popularity

We can’t deny the role of social media in building or destroying a brand. The number of likes, comments, shares or in other words, social media engagement your brand has, directly determines its popularity among customers. SEO and social media go hand-in-hand. While both are good for each other, it’s obvious that a page with good ranking is more likely to get more visits, sales, and social media followers too.

Search engine optimization is essential for your website and it’s definitely not a cost. If you don’t understand the ins and outs of SEO and the idea of applying it makes you nervous, go ahead and partner with a professional agency but in any case, do not ignore it.