CCBB was a unique department at UCSD. They do research but they also offer paid services to other businesses. Being a part of UCSD lends them instant credibility but it had confined them to the UCSD website in terms of their online presence. Their competitors had much more modern, better looking marketing sites and CCBB wanted to better compete with them online.


We custom designed and developed the new CCBB website to transform from just an informational website to a marketing site. The difference is big: An emphasis more on how they help businesses with strong calls to action throughout the site. Although the new website is no longer in the UCSD web space, the affiliation with the university is a strong selling point so we still maintained that in the design. We also made the lead development process work on their website (previously a 3rd party system) that was able to integrate into their current lead management system so they could maintain their current workflow.

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