Mobile web design of Learn to Mod

Learn to Mod, a San Diego-based business, is helping kids learn to code through their favorite game: Minecraft. This web design needed to attract several target audiences: kids who love Minecraft, their parents who will be giving the OK and paying for this, and educators considering bring this into their classroom. The design style tied in the blocky game aesthetics with playful colors for the kids while overall maintaining a professional, quality tone to bring confidence to parents and educators that Learn to Mod had a quality offering. We presented content that was focused on the benefits of coding and why learning to code with Minecraft can be such a successful endeavor.

Completed in 2016

  • Web Design
  • WordPress

"Derek goes above and beyond! We're picky customers, and he worked REALLY hard on our web design and implementation project to make it perfect for us. Our new WordPress implementation is super easy to use, and I love the design!"

Lindsey Handley