Google is changing the way they do search and in turn websites will have to change with them (SEO) to stay on top.  The new algorithm is rumored to present results based on each individuals personal browsing history.  Before you say, “no problem people don’t log in anyway”, Google is going to do this for ALL users whether you are logged in or not.  This means that being number one for everyone will become virtually impossible.  The new system is also said to use one’s IP address and cookies to determine where you are in the world and geo-tag your location to deliver the results closest to you.  With these changes the only real way to keep your site on top in terms of search is to consistently be adding new content to your site(s).  In the world of web, search engine optimization strategies have to remain fluid in order to actually optimize search and at AshWebStudio we take pride in staying ahead of the curve for our clients.  This is why we always recommend having a blog and actually updating it. We can provide blog writing services since we know many of our clients don’t have time to do it themselves  A blog let’s you keep your website up-to-date with things that may be relevant to your industry and what your customers are searching for. When it comes to SEO, the core essentials will never change: Create unique content on a regular basis that people will be interested in. Ultimately the search engines want to give users relevant websites for their searches so this will never change.