Recently we designed a WordPress blog for a client that loved our work but wanted to see if they could save a few pennies. The client was being budget conscious as it was a personal blog about their experiences in their line of work, not directly for their business (although they are hoping to gain a following through the blog that would ultimately lead to more business). We quoted a price for the whole project and gave a discount since they have brought us several projects over the years. They are also great to work with. Unfortunately the total still came above what they were hoping to spend.

Instead of us taking the design and implementing it into a functional WordPress website, they decided to take the final Photoshop files to a specialized WordPress build shop – basically a company that specializes in taking designs and making them into WordPress themes. These companies can provide this service because they likely deal in volume and are (supposed to be) experts at WordPress making the setup process much quicker.

Unfortunately after several weeks of working with this other company, our client ultimately came back to us saying what we often tell prospective clients looking for a deal, “I guess you get what you pay for.” The WordPress theme they had built didn’t work properly with WordPress, didn’t have all the elements the design required and didn’t display properly across multiple browsers. Ultimately they produced something that was not useful.

We’re not out to say “I told you so” to anyone by posting this but instead to help other people looking to have a website built. In this industry, where anyone can call themselves a web designer or developer, you truly get what you pay for. We feel our quality, experience & customer support are beneficial to our clients to ensure they don’t just get a website but an effective website.

We were very happy to help finish the project as originally outlined for our client and now everyone is happy.