We have started working with some new clients whose content management system was… less than stellar. As far as our clients knew this was how all CMS sites were because it is all they have ever seen. In the administration area of these sites, it is huge blocks of HTML for each page and without any kind of visual editor requiring the client to know HTML. What?!

In our opinion, it is our job to make managing your website as simple as possible. This is why we love WordPress and our own AshWebCMS! AshWebCMS has built in features that make maintaining content on your site a breeze. WordPress, for the more advanced sites, allows us to make very detailed editable regions so client’s don’t ever have to worry about formatting, style, layout. Clients just provide the content and our custom theme will take care of the rest.

Here is an example of a page layout that would require some custom HTML code and CSS. Doing this with just a visual editor would be a nightmare for our client as they add more and more classes:

Here is what the client’s admin area looks like for each individual class:


No formatting required, our custom WordPress theme takes care of that for them so they can focus on just managing the content and not on making it look right.