WordPress 4.3 has been released and it has some nifty little features, but nothing game changing.

Formatting Shortcuts

I am accustomed to using Textile markup while typing to easily add formatting without having to click on buttons to add said formatting. WordPress has integrated their version of this into the Visual Editor and I love it already. I like using my keyboard over mouse whenever possible as it can be significantly more efficient and this is one more area where I can continue doing so.

Site Icons

Small touch, but great feature for someone every site should have. A quick way to get a Favicon added to your site and it could be used by other plugins in various ways in the future I imagine.

Better Passwords

This one is my favorite. With hacking being a huge issue for many of our client sites, poor passwords are the most common culprit. This will help users recognize they need an complex password, their dog’s name won’t suffice.

Menus in the Customizer

This one is the least useful as we don’t typically use the customizer much when building custom themes for clients. Since we never go into the Customizer, adding more tools for it doesn’t help. But I can see how