We are very excited to announce the launch of a website we did for an international non-profit group called 911ParrotAlert. This group helps reunite lost birds with their owners.

You may know that we run an online e-commerce store selling bird toys, food and accessories. We opened the store because we own a Greenwing Macaw and Erika worked at FreeFlight (an avian boarding and grooming place now also a non-profit organization itself) in college.

Somehow we became connected with the people at 911ParrotAlert and they told us how much they hated their existing site and had been through many individuals and companies promising to redo their site for free since they were a non-profit. Many years went by and nobody ever finished a site. We decided to show them that there are good web companies out there that will actually complete a project when they say they will and decided to help them out.

After many months of working together with their volunteers, we are very happy to say that we have finally launched their new website. We still have more ideas to help make their site more functional and also make reunited birds easier so this project will be ongoing for us.