New support policies

Since we started AshWebStudio back in 2007, we have accumulated a lot of great clients. However, as we add more clients that means we support more clients. When we first started it was not an issue for one person to maintain our client base with an extremely quick turnaround (often times within minutes!). However, we do need to instate a new support policy that changes will be made within 48 hours of being submitted (not including weekends).

If you need a change done sooner than 48 hours, you can submit your support ticket and mark the priority as “Urgent”. However, you will be billed at our expedited change rate instead of our normal hourly rate.

(Officially) Introducing Blaine!

Blaine has started working with me as an assistant on various small things here and there on a part-time basis. However, the goal is for him to grow into more of full-time support of our existing clients. For those of you who have not yet had the privilege of working with Blaine already, you will find he is an extremely nice guy and will enjoy working with him.

Why this new method of support?

Like Basecamp for the initial project management, this centralized support area makes it simple for communication, keeps a record of all communication and allows more than just one person to easily join in on the updates.

When to use Basecamp vs. Support Area

If you have a website in which we are currently designing and building,
continue to use Basecamp.

If we are providing search engine optimization on a regular basis,
continue to use Basecamp.

If you have a website we have launched/put live,
please submit any change requests or questions in Support.

Once a website goes live, we will notify you about the switch over to using our new Support methods.