Their previous site, an all Flash site, did not accurately reflect the personality of this exciting catering business. With some provided watercolor art and willingness to have some fun with their content, we worked with Continental Catering to provide a truly custom web design for this San Diego business. As usual, built on WordPress, the client has the ability to customize all aspects of their website including photos and content such as new menus, venues they work with, blog posts and more.

Every section of the site was custom tailored to the unique content it was displaying. There is actually a lot of great information and resources on the site but we didn’t want it to feel overwhelming. By using interactive UI, we were able to make seemingly simple page layouts contain a plethora of great content.

Completed in 2014

  • Web Design
  • WordPress

"I think AshWebStudio is very detail-oriented and thorough. Every team member was professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I think your visual aesthetic is modern and clean, which is something that I certainly value. It is amazing how many designers create cluttered pages. And most importantly, AshWebStudio provides a great value: a great product for the investment."

Johanna Baena