We’ve been involved in helping youth soccer clubs in San Diego since we started building websites – it was actually one of our very first websites. Notts Forest is a fantastic organization that asked us to help improve the club’s image online and also build a website that facilitates communication with players and their families.

As usual, step in WordPress. This website takes full advantage of almost every single feature WordPress has to offer: custom post types, photo galleries, calendar/events system, and most importantly the multisite feature. Each team in the club is setup with it’s own mini site, but it is all handled with a single installation of WordPress. Club officials can setup new team sites and give permission to the team manager to maintain their independent team site themselves. They have all the same features available to them as the main site does like photo galleries, calendar, news and content pages.

We also helped them establish a social media network with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts to add even more avenues for communication. Some automation was included between the accounts and the website to ensure that managing everything wasn’t a chore. Lastly, a mass email system was setup (with a custom designed email template to match the new website, of course) to make sure every last base was covered.

Completed in 2011