Mobile web design of Perfect Gift Club

The team at Perfect Gift Club had a vision about how to make gifting easier. Many people struggle with good gift ideas for the people in their lives and they wanted to create a site that could help people find great gifts but also make it very easy to do so. The site allows registered users to build their own list of people with added details about age, gender, relationship to the user, and which holidays to receive gift recommendations. Holidays can be any of the number of predetermined holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas or custom events like anniversaries or birthdays. 30 days prior to each selected holiday, the user will automagically receive an email with up to 10 great gift ideas selected based on the recipient’s provided details.

With their logo brand in hand, we set out to design a very customized WordPress + WooCommerce site to achieve all their goals. Because the concept for the site is a little different than a typical e-commerce site, the home page and supplemental pages needed to help people understand what their unique website was offering. Overall, the site still functions and is accessible to all as any typical e-commerce site.

Our custom development on this project included creating a system to allow users to manage their list of recipients, ability to ship to multiple addresses with a single order, a product recommendation engine with automated emails, and more. All this was built seamlessly into WooCommerce to look ensure a cohesive user experience throughout the site. During the shopping experience when adding an item to cart, they are option to select a recipient for the gift either themselves or anyone in their recipient list. When selected, the checkout process will automatically populate shipping addresses for the order based on who is to receive the items. The goal is to make the process for the user from receiving automated email with suggested products to completing the purchase as quick and easy as possible.

Completed in 2022

  • E-Commerce
  • Web Design
  • WordPress

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