Mobile web design of VenWealth

Looking to have more freedom and provide better quality services, Peter Kim decided it was time to start his own financial advisor business. Peter and a colleague provided some general brand guidelines that described who he was, what he wanted his company to be, and what made him unique. With that information, we set out to create a new brand identity including a logo and website design.

Overall the branding goals were to create something that broke out from the big broker style and establish an identity that felt more personal. Finance is an important part of every person’s life so we also needed to help establish trust. Peter liked the idea of a hawk watching over his territory as a way to convey his amazing eye for detail and trust that he watching out for his clients and their best financial interests.

With the website, an overall professional, quality website using the new brand identity and colors was created. Local imagery was used throughout the site of his office building and nearby area as it is both iconic to his city and helps impress upon the local aspect of his business.

Completed in 2022

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • WordPress

"I just launched my wealth management firm website with the help of Derek, and I can't say enough good things about Derek and his team. This is my first go at creating a website, and admittedly, I am not very savvy when trying to understand the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a website. Frankly, this is not an area that I care to spend time.

Derek did a phenomenal job of listening intently and tending to my particular needs. Most importantly, I was looking for a relationship with a web developer who could help provide candid advice on how best to execute all the wild thoughts floating around in my head.

Derek and his team are consummate professionals. Derek is prompt, direct, candid, and his follow-through is one of the best I've experienced with any professional. I won't hesitate to refer any trusted individual in my network to Derek for any web design, hosting, and SEO expertise."

Peter Kim