Smart Closets is a case where we were able to help them make the most of their budget. The new owner of Smart Closets had some experience with websites but wanted to have us create a professional-looking website that he could manage himself. As a result, we custom designed this WordPress website and gave him all the tools he needed to manage is own search engine optimization campaign.

The logo was designed to be simple and easily portable to various types of media including business cards, brochures, etc. This clean, simplistic logo design is intended to emphasize the modern product lines and solutions they offer.

We also brought in our professional copywriter to help the client produce more effective website content.

In 2015, we redesigned their site for a more modern, fresh look as the brand continued to grow.

Completed in 2015

  • Web Design
  • WordPress

"About 75% of our business is generated directly from our web site and search engines. Nearly every time we meet with a client for a consultation our web site invariably comes up as one of the reasons they chose us over our competition. In our market there is only one other company that has a web site on par with ours and they are the largest franchise in the country. Our web site represents and even sells our company even before the client has picked up the phone or met with a designer. Our web site really is that good and has paid for itself many times over already."