Mobile web design of WebsiteIQ

WebsiteIQ is a highly custom-developed website built on WordPress. It has an online membership subscription service that gives users access to competition analysis data on millions of domains allowing SEO professionals, domain brokers, website investors, and others to get accurate information regarding domains.

Some highlights of this project include:

  • Database optimization to handle 10 million+ domains as well as monthly, weekly, and daily traffic data for each of the domains. 
  • Integrated and customized a 3rd party JavaScript data chart tool to display the data. 
  • A custom coded List system allows website visitors to track and view data for multiple domains in a single view. 
  • Users can also do on-the-fly comparison data charts. 
  • Different membership levels allow users to different features on the site. 

Completed in 2018

  • Custom Development
  • Web Design
  • WordPress

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