River Song Waldorf School is a non-profit serving kids and their families in Fort Collins, CO. Waldorf’s philosophies are heavily rooted in the natural world with teachers often using natural materials whenever teaching kids.

One of the favorite activities for the kids, and an important milestone for the kids to achieve, was climbing their big tree in the backyard. As such, we included this important element of the school right into their logo and branding.

The site design aimed to combine a balance between a site about kids, Waldorf aesthetics, and an overall easy-to-use website for potential new families to use as a place to learn more about the school and existing families to use a resource to keep up-to-date with important information. We have helped set up various online donation forms and an e-commerce store for families to contribute to the school by purchasing Waldorf learning materials directly from River Song.

Completed in 2019

  • Branding
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Design
  • WordPress