If you’ve been involved with online marketing for many years, then you will remember that meta descriptions used to be incredibly important to the web design and search engine optimization process. That’s because they could be treated like the attic on top of a website – a place to store hundreds of searchable keywords you wanted Google to find.

Of course, the genius engineers at the world’s largest search engine caught on and closed the loophole. But that doesn’t mean you should skip writing meta descriptions, or that they don’t have value.

These days, meta descriptions (formerly meta tags) have a different usage. They appear in search listings below the name of your site. So, you can use them to convince searchers to click through to your page or result if you craft them the right way.

Within that context it’s fair to say that meta descriptions no longer count as on-page SEO, but that they do have value within your search visibility campaigns. And best of all, without the need for keyword stuffing, they’ve gotten a lot easier to write.

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