With the continual changes in search, many people are noticing their site drop in the rankings and report losing ever important spots on results given to the user.  These are things that one just can not afford when relying on their site to generate business and provide information critical to users.  There is a way to stay on top even with the changes though, and these two step are nearly foolproof. 

First, natural link building is essential.  You have to make and add content people want to link to. In the long run, paying for links just doesn’t pay off. Also, the major search engines such as Google can actually tell when you have a paid link from another website to yours. Trading links is also becoming more and more useless as Google can also see when two websites are linking back to one another in a fashion that is not natural.

The second is equally critical: write a blog that people care about.  Keeping fresh, pertinent information on your site will keep you relevant amongst all the useless info that can creep into search when there is nothing to differentiate one site from an other. 

Bottom line, if you are in SEO for the long haul building a reputable and thriving site is a great way to go.