Over the past couple of years we have seen the emergence of several new ways to stay in touch with friends and in turn many people have begun using these tools to promote their businesses as well.  This trend has become so prevalent in fact that a new style of search has been born to change the user experience entirely.  Real-time web has come to the forefront and to get your name in the mix you will need to be active in bringing fresh, relevant information to your clients.  Twitter and other like applications offer a great way to keep things updated and as you build followers in your specific niche vertical you will begin to see the benefits.  Traditional web searches can show basically the same results for months or even years but in real-time you can see new results by the minute.  Keep the good info coming and your site will be viewed by many more interested in your specific business, real-time searches will take notice as your followers multiply.  Your can link your Twitter account directly to your home page and even present your updates (tweets) on your own site to keep people checking your content.  That’s right we just gave permission, no specific instruction to use Twitter at work!  Just keep it business focused and you will stay ahead in the world of search.