Backing up data is very important. Especially when you have tons of files created for paying clients. I recently had a hard drive crash and if it wasn’t for the multiple backup methods I use, we could have been in serious trouble.

First, we use something called ForeverSave to ensure that we are always saving our work every 10 minutes. It is easy to get caught up working on a new design and forget to save. Suddenly Photoshop will crash and 5 hours of work is gone. This little application automatically saves the document I am working in a set interval – very cool.

So everything we are working on is being saved locally to my hard drive. What happens if the whole hard drive crashes instead of just the application? Well we have that covered too. Our first tool is Time Machine for Mac. Time Machine automatically backs up all our client files every hour to an external hard drive ensuring that when catastrophe strikes everything can be replaced.

Since just one copy isn’t enough, we also back everything up to a remote server using Dropbox. This is also a vital tool for us because this gives us remote access to all our client files. When we travel, it’s very simple to grab a client’s files and make updates to their website outside the office.

Our clients can be assured that all their “website stuff” is safe and won’t just disappear one day.