We recently went on a trip for a week. On the trip, we encountered about 30 times within the first couple days where having an iPhone would make life so much easier. So, I bought one – it’s a business expense anyway. We got it activated, phone number transferred and was using it within an hour after buying it. It lived up to all the hype and then some in my opinion.

However, for the flight back, we wanted to really test it out by purchasing a movie and then watching it on the plane. I bought the movie from my parents’ computer and then tried moving it to the iPhone – no go. I simply got an error message saying something like “Cannot move this movie to the iPhone”. Not real helpful explanation there Apple. I searched and searched online, but apparantly nobody else has problems putting movies onto the iPhone. The only thing I found was to convert it for use on an iPod. I tried that as well, still no go. I called iPhone support and we finally tracked down the problem: Copyright restrictions on the particular movie I purchased (Ratatouille) do not allow it to be converted to another format which is required in order to put the movie on the iPhone. There was absolutely no indication of this when I bought it on iTunes. So, I have put in a request for a full refund – we’ll see if they do it.

As a last tidbit, we flew Frontier and it was cheaper to buy the same movie on the plane than through iTunes – so it all worked out anyway. We never watch the 10 DVDs we have as it is, so paying for one-time use is no big deal.