A lot of the online interaction is moving to mobile devices like your phone. With this big mobile push recently, some of our clients are asking us about creating a mobile version of their website. So, do you need a mobile version for your site?

As with most things the answer is, “it depends.”

The biggest factor in deciding if you need a mobile version of your site or not is your statistics. If 30% of the people visiting your site are on a mobile device, then you absolutely need a mobile version of your site. If your site is like ours and 1.77% of our traffic (iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod) comes from mobile operating systems (see graphic below), then it may not be worthwhile. In fact, we don’t have a special mobile version of our site because of these statistics and honestly we’re slammed with client work to spend time on it. The ROI for us to build a mobile version so that a very small percentage of our website visitors get a mobile-optimized site is just too low.

So when you consider creating a mobile version of your website consider your specific audience. Not every website attracts users using mobile devices and so the ROI of a mobile version of your website may not be worthwhile.

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