Some professional web design communities hate services like Wix and Squarespace, probably because they represent low-cost competition that would seem to devalue their own work and creativity. We don’t feel that way. We just think they are different tools for different markets.

The whole thing can be summed up with an easy analogy. When you are first learning to ride a bike, you use training wheels to stop yourself from falling over. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Eventually, though, as you get steady on two wheels, the training wheels actually slow you down and limit your maneuverability.

Likewise, if you have a brand-new business and no marketing budget, then creating your website from an inexpensive template is a good way to get you online. But as your company grows and you need more features, not to mention a more distinctive look, the ready-made designs provided by Wix and Squarespace hold you back. They force you to color between the lines when you need to be finding new customers.

That doesn’t make these services bad, just a poor substitute for custom web design and development when it’s needed. Remember that and plan for your company’s future accordingly.