Here at AshWebStudio, we use WordPress for nearly every single website that we build. Why? Because we absolutely LOVE IT. Here are just a few reasons why we think WordPress is the coolest thing since sliced-bread:

Ease of Use
One of the reasons we love WordPress is its ease of use. We are always super-excited when we are showing clients how to use WordPress for the first time. Literally every single time, clients are absolutely amazed at how easy it is to make changes to their site. They are always thrilled at how easy it is to update text, add a new blog post, switch out images, and add new users. It’s totally apparent that the amazing creators of WordPress designed it for the non-techies of the world.

Cost and Time Effective
Customers love the fact that they do not have to call us to make edits to their site. Who wants to wait a full day, or a full weekend for someone to make changes to their site? The fact that customers can edit their site as needed, at their convenience, saves a ton of time and money. They are not paying web developers to make edits.

Access Everywhere
Customers enjoy the fact that they can access WordPress from anywhere in the world. If they have Internet access, they can access WordPress. If customers are on vacation in Mexico, and realize they need to update the phone number on their website, they can make that update from any computer in the world with Internet access. Pretty cool, and super convenient.

Development Platform
WordPress is not just a blog platform anymore, it is a development platform. This means we can build extremely complex sites, not just “brochure” sites that only display content. Some examples of sites that we have built on WordPress include: This site is an iPad rental site, with the ability to add custom content like movies. is a daily deals site and, has an advanced user system allowing certain content to be viewed based on your user account.

We can think of many more reasons why WordPress is so fabulous, this list is just a few.