Ever wonder why it’s so hard to find good help when it comes to search engine optimization? One reason has to do with the fact that there are murky sets of standards and qualifications throughout the industry.

For instance, some of the certifications consultants use to show off their knowledge can be gained online in just a few hours. Others are proprietary to certain organizations, meaning that members are awarded them automatically for signing up. A few are falsified outright. How can a business owner find the right expert when they can’t even tell which designations are authentic?

Certainly, you can check on those qualifications, but a better idea is to focus on other factors that are more important and easier to verify – namely case studies and testimonials from real clients. In other words, find out whether your consultant has actually helped other businesses achieve their goals.

SEO qualifications are great, but you should always double-check credentials and stay skeptical if what you see feels fishy. And then, no matter what, make sure the company you are paying has been able to help other businesses facing your challenges.

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