The average search engine optimization (SEO) campaign begins with a great deal of planning and enthusiasm, only to flame out a few weeks or months later. What happens in the meantime? The same thing that almost always happens: the weekly grind of generating content and studying web analytics depresses the business owner’s focus and motivation.

That’s why one of the most effective ways to boost your search engine optimization plan has nothing to do with keywords or content. In fact, it’s as simple as speaking with another business owner who is dominating their own search market.

When you do that, you discover a couple of things. The first is that SEO success is definitely achievable. It might take a little time, effort, and investment, but you can reach one of the top spots on Google.

The second thing you learn about search engine optimization is that it’s worth the effort. When you have hundreds (or more) of interested prospects coming to your website every week, then good things start to happen. The phone rings, people walk through the door, and online orders go through the roof. Knowing that, even if you haven’t experienced it yourself, is enough to get you over the hump and creating content even when you don’t feel like it.

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