Being successful as an entrepreneur often requires you to wear many hats and take on lots of different skills. Most of the business owners we work with are also part-time salespeople, accountants, and janitors within their own companies. Perhaps that’s why many of them wonder whether they should bother learning website programming languages like HTML and CSS.

There’s nothing wrong with picking up the skills, of course, and you can actually get through the basics in a couple of days. But should you?

Our answer would be that if you have the time, learning a bit about website coding could be helpful and informative. If nothing else, you’ll get the sense that it isn’t as complicated as the public thinks.

But on the other hand, there really isn’t any reason for business owners to be coding their own site. With modern content management systems, there isn’t any need to do so for updates, and there is the potential to damages site with a little bit of dangerous knowledge.

Certainly, if you have a love of learning or enjoyment of technical tasks, take the time to dabble in programming. But if you’re serious about getting big results from your website, then focus on running your business and let us worry about the programming.