There used to be a rule of thumb that business owners should post something to their social accounts every day, and add to their blog at least once every week. We are here to tell you that these rules no longer apply.

Sure, it would be nice if you can meet those targets. We still think they represent good advice. However, we also realize that between sales, management, bookkeeping, and the dozens of other tasks the average entrepreneur has to deal with, those schedules might not be realistic.

What really matters with content marketing and social engagement is that you stick to a regular plan you can follow, and that your activity never falls to zero. In other words, it’s better to write one great blog post a month than it is to get frustrated when you miss your weekly schedule, or worse, post something that does more harm than good for your brand.

The once-a-day and once-a-week suggestions are nice guidelines, but if your choice is between doing less or nothing at all, then scale things back. Or, contact us so we can put you on an easy and affordable content creation plan. But either way, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity or burden yourself with unrealistic marketing schedules.