Most of what you read about social media marketing these days could be summed up with the phrase “more is better.” The average business owner, or creative firm, thinks that spreading the word through social media is a numbers game. We disagree. 

It’s undeniably true that having a long reach on your social networks is helpful. However, gaining more and more fans or followers shouldn’t be the goal. Heck, it might not even be helpful. After all, if your messages are going out to people who aren’t going to buy, or just aren’t a great fit for your products and services, nothing good is going to happen. They won’t be responsive (which lowers your engagement rates), and when they are they’ll ask time-wasting questions that won’t lead to sales.

It was once pointed out that you really only need a few hundred die-hard fans to keep any business profitable. At a time when so many of our competitors (and yours) are looking for bigger numbers, we would encourage you to focus on quality over quantity. That is, focus your marketing on the people who are likely to buy from you today and for years to come.

Focusing your social media efforts on a small group might not sexy, but it is more likely to impact your bottom line.