There are millions upon millions of blog posts and videos out there devoted to the finer points of online marketing. A quick search in Google will point you toward endless algorithm tweaks, hosting details, and conversion factors you might have overlooked to this point.

It’s all helpful, but you may not need the advice.

The hidden truth about online marketing is that most small businesses don’t need every extra advantage. That’s because they are really competing with huge firms that are spending hundreds of thousands on web development and advertising.

Your average entrepreneur could get away with taking care of the basics. These might include:

  • A responsive web design that incorporates UX best practices
  • Good web hosting and regular CMS and app updates
  • Light search engine optimization for local or niche searches
  • Simple online reputation management for profiles and reviews
  • A touch of social, advertising, and email promotion

Is there a lot more to comprehensive online marketing? Sure. But if your business is taking care of these details, then you are likely to be miles ahead of the competition.

We aren’t encouraging you to ignore the digital marketing aspects of your business; we just don’t want you to follow the trap of thinking you have to do everything, or invest in all the tools and ideas out there, just to keep up.

In fact, if you want some personalized and cost-effective ideas, then you can always reach out to schedule a free consultation with our creative team. It might be the best hour you spend this summer.