A lot of the business owners we work with struggle to understand web analytics, much less stay on top of the data coming at them. That’s understandable, but ignoring web statistics is like refusing to look at your financial statements. It might make today easier but it’s setting you up for big problems tomorrow.

With that in mind, we sometimes suggest the business owners we work with follow a two-step system for making sense of their numbers…

  • First, we encourage them to spend 10 or 15 minutes each week looking through the dashboards on their websites. This is so they can get familiar with the numbers over time while spying any big trends.
  • Then, we like for them to talk with us (again, for a few minutes) about their web analytics every few months. That way we can ensure we share the same goals and assessments over time.

Experience has shown us this can be a reasonable schedule that a busy entrepreneur can stick to. It also allows them to maximize their online marketing budgets and stops them from running into nasty surprises later.

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