What if there were one simple way you could boost the effectiveness of your online and offline marketing efforts… and double or triple your company’s sales in the process?

It turns out there is. You just have to make sure everyone on your team starts asking each new lead or customer a straightforward question: “What convinced you to do business with us?”

Most salespeople ask some version of this anyway, of course, but what you are looking for is real data on two things:

  1. How did the customer find you (Google, PPC ads, social media, etc.)?
  2. And what convinced them to work with you (referral, online reviews, or something else)?

Then, and this is important, you need your employees to record the answers. That way you can tabulate answers on a spreadsheet at the end of the month.

Follow this plan and you’ll soon know which marketing or advertising avenues are working best for you. And, you’ll have a good sense of which benefits or messages are resonating with your audience. From there you can optimize your schedule and budget to keep emphasizing the tactics that are working.

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