If you’re looking for another way to generate revenue from your website, then consider the following: what if you could generate revenue directly from a website?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a riddle or tongue twister. It’s meant to be a reminder that you can add e-commerce features to your existing business website even if its primary purpose is not to serve as an online store. What could you sell? You might offer old inventory, used equipment, information products, or packages of services. You could even sell branded merchandise with your company’s logo.

For some businesses, online sales can be a kind of “side hustle” for their main business. And if you have visitors coming in to look at your company or services, then why not? It takes so little in terms of cost and coding to accept payments online that it might be worth it to experiment with new sources of income.

Not every business needs a website that generates sales, but it’s possible you have opportunities to make more money – and give your customers more of what they want – with a few small tweaks. Why miss out?

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