Home page web design

If there’s one thing marketers of all stripes are learning in 2017, it’s that every page and detail on a business website matters. It’s the way all the different elements come together that will determine whether buyers stay with you or take their attention elsewhere. And ultimately, that’s the difference between having a useless web presence and one that helps you generate new business.

With that being said, however, the homepage of your website is particularly important. It has to make a strong first impression, direct customers towards the resources they need and enhance your credibility all at the same time.

Of course, business owners and executives are keenly aware of these requirements. And so, they sometimes overthink the design and content on their home pages or get so involved in the details that they overlook the obvious. Years of experience have taught us that a good home page answers your questions quickly and clearly. To help you get your web design and Internet marketing right, let’s take them one-by-one…

#1 Who Are You?

This goes deeper than your company name or brand and must extend farther than the identity of an owner or key executives. When a buyer comes to your website for the first time to find out who you are, they want to get a sense of history, tone, and possibly even a personal narrative. In other words, character and passion have to come through.

#2 What Do You Do?

This question, too, has both basic and complex elements. On the one hand, it’s important to identify yourself as a certain type of business or professional – both for explanatory and search engine optimization purposes. Going deeper, however, the design and content of your homepage should hint at expertise, specialty, and scope of work. It should show what you do and what you don’t do in a clear and succinct way.

#3 Why Are You The Right Choice?

It’s not enough to simply introduce yourself and let customers know what business you’re in. If you want to earn their attention (and eventually some of their money), you’re going to have to fill them in on what makes you better than the competition. Note that your answer might only apply to some customers or circumstances. That’s fine; your business shouldn’t be all things to all people. You just have to let your most important target audience know why they can trust you.

#4 What Comes Next?

Every page in your website should include a strong and clear call to action, but it’s especially critical on the home page. You want potential customers to know what the next step is, and why they should take it. Invite them to keep reading, download a report, or pick up the phone. They may be ready to get started now, so remove the most important obstacle to that goal by giving them a clear choice to move ahead.

If your homepage isn’t clear and compelling, it’s likely that the rest of your site is suffering, too. In fact, those issues might be costing you money every day, even if you aren’t sure why. Reach out to our web design team today so we can review your site and help you to make the most of every visit and sales opportunity!