WordPress is made just for blogging

WordPress does have it’s foundations as a blogging platform when it was forked from another project called b2 cafelog in 2001. Since then, it has seen rapid development and expansion in features and today is a complete, modern content management system. With thousands of plugins which extend it’s functionality or some custom coding from our team to suit your specific needs, WordPress can be made to do anything you need.

WordPress is not secure

WordPress now powers roughly 24% of all websites currently online. When you think how many websites are online, that is an amazing number. As a result, it is a very popular target for hackers. I recently wrote about WordPress and hacking and the takeaway was that WordPress can be very secure as long as you follow some simple security principles (oh, and get yourself on a good web server).

WordPress cannot handle large traffic websites

We have first hand experience that this simply is not the case. Our San Diego web design company has made several incredibly high traffic e-commerce websites using WordPress+WooCommerce which at their peak can see thousands of hits per minute. If you have seen a WordPress site running slow, the most likely reasons are:

  • Low quality, outdated web server. Regardless of which content management system was running on that server, it would be slow.
  • Too many plugins. Some inexperienced developers or website owners will install every neat plugin they run across and can get upwards of 50+ plugins. With that many plugins, it increases your changes to run into…
  • Low-quality plugins. Making sure you keep things up-to-date is not only good security practice but also good for speed optimization. WordPress core has incredible quality control standards and speed testing, but the plugins do not go under the same scrutiny. It is important to know of and use high-quality plugins which have active development.

Not scalable for complex websites

We have built small, content websites to complex, custom data websites to e-commerce using WordPress. In fact, some of today’s largest companies use WordPress including The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony, MTV News and so many more.

WordPress for your next web design project

Regardless of which content management system you use, it’s important to have people who know it’s ins and outs. We’ve been building WordPress websites since 2007 and have been active in the community the entire time. From writing publicly available plugins to making premium, commercial plugins to hundreds of custom WordPress powered websites for our clients, our experience can help ensure we design and develop a premium quality website that works and performs exactly as you need it. Contact us to see if AshWebStudio and WordPress is a right fit for your next project.