Do Facebook Ads Deliver Bigger ROI?

Derek Ashauer

Social media has never been hotter, and legions of marketers and web designers now swear by Facebook advertising. To hear them tell it, using the social network to reach new customers is faster, cheaper, and easier than tried-and-true methods like search engine optimization and email marketing. But, is social advertising really a revolution? Do Facebook […]

The Only Way to Get a Great Deal on Web Design

Derek Ashauer

If there’s one thing you learn as a small business owner, it’s the importance of getting a good deal on everything you invest in. No matter where you look, there are new products and services your business needs – not to mention vendors and salespeople who want to sell you things you might not need. […]

Should I redesign my website?

Derek Ashauer

The magic thing about websites is that they can adapt, they can continually grow and be improved upon over time. Unlike a physical print piece such as a brochure, a website can and often should be an ongoing creative endeavor. As time goes on, your business evolves, your industry evolves, and your customers evolve. Your […]

Celebrating Emma Day 2016

Derek Ashauer

6 years ago, on May 4th, our daughter Emma passed away at the age of 3 months after battling to recover from multiple surgeries to fix her malformed heart caused by Twin-to-Twin Transfusion. Every year we celebrate her by focusing on what is most important – being a family. As such, our family: Myself, Erika, […]

Custom WooCommerce tabs using Advanced Custom Fields

Derek Ashauer

This code snippet allows you to easily create custom tabs for WooCommerce product pages using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. It requires the Repeater add-on field or the Pro version. View the code on Gist.

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