Why Readers Ignore Your Website Content

Derek Ashauer

Few things are as frustrating as taking the time to develop a great piece of content, only to discover that no one is actually reading it. Things can be even worse if you have paid a professional copywriter to get the job done and potential buyers still don’t take notice. More often than not, the […]

How Google Killed Negative SEO

Derek Ashauer

With the introduction of the Penguin algorithm update a couple of years ago, Google took away the incentives for link-farming overnight. Whereas having thousands of junk links pointed at your website was once a way to ensure your website would be more visible to searchers and customers, all at once it became a practice that […]

Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Business Website

Derek Ashauer

You need a new business website, and there are more tools than ever designed to help you build your own – including WordPress templates, starter packages from web hosts, and do-it-yourself online services. The commercials make everything look easy, and beginning with an existing design could be the perfect way to save time and money, […]

2 Important Changes To Google Search (And What They Mean For Your Business)

Derek Ashauer

One reason search engine optimization tends to require more time, work, and attention than business owners realize is that Google is essentially a moving target. The moment you master one aspect of search visibility, the company’s engineers change their algorithm and approach to require something altogether different. Sometimes, the shifts are minor and barely noticeable […]

7 Signs Your E-commerce Site Will Fail

Derek Ashauer

There are a lot of different factors that lead to e-commerce success and failure. The concept for the businesses, the products being sold, how customers respond to a pricing strategies, the competition, and even the overall economy can affect your ability to sell over the Internet. That means even the smartest people with the best […]

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