Goodbye Internet Explorer, it wasn’t fun while it lasted

Derek Ashauer

Internet Explorer (IE) used to be the de facto browser for all PC users. Then other browsers like Firefox and eventually Chrome came into the market and that all started to change. IE was the biggest nightmare for a web design and development company like us. Until a few years ago, that is. Many developers […]

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The benefits of multiple domain names

Derek Ashauer

On occasion I get asked by a client if they should purchase multiple domain names. Some believe that by having multiple domain names for their one website it will help more people find their website since it is accessible in different ways and could improve their Search Engine Optimization. Unfortunately this is not the case […]


We’ve gone secure

Derek Ashauer

A while back Google made a call for “HTTPS everywhere”. They want the web to be a much more secure place. Anything you use on is done of HTTPS, meaning the page you are accessing is secure. Before this announcement, HTTPS (or having an SSL certificate) was used just on e-commerce sites or other […]


What a great headline looks like

Derek Ashauer

We like headlines, it doesn’t take much to notice that when you look at our San Diego web design portfolio. I think by now it is well known that your website visitors are deciding whether to stick around or bail within a few seconds. An initial headline can tank your bounce rate (the number of […]


Responsive vs Mobile-Friendly

Derek Ashauer

Today, just over 50% of all websites are accessed on mobile devices. We no longer have to ask ourselves if mobile is important – it is! Way back in 2011 I had written about needing a mobile version of your site. The message back then was “it depends.” Not everyone really needed to have a mobile version of their site […]

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