Local SEO

5 Ways to Get Your Local SEO Campaign Started

Derek Ashauer

You’ve probably heard by now that local search engine optimization is important for marketing your small business. That’s partially because Google has replaced the Yellow Pages as a primary source of information on businesses in an area. It’s also because more shoppers than ever are looking for companies to work with on the go (from […]

Check health of website with audit

Why You Need a Website Audit

Derek Ashauer

Often, when a new client comes to us with a problem – maybe they are losing out on conversions, have seen their search position decline, or can’t figure out whether they need a new web presence or not – the first thing we advise is a website audit. This is not always greeted with the […]

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What to look at in Google Analytics to understand your site visitor data

Derek Ashauer

Understanding your site visitors is one of the most important elements of building an effective web marketing campaign. Without understanding who your site visitors are and what they are doing, you can’t make adjustments to continually improve your web marketing strategy. In this video, I walk you through all the data within Google Analytics that I focus […]

How to improve engagement on Facebook

Why Most Marketers Struggle on Facebook

Derek Ashauer

Facebook can frustrate even the most proficient Internet marketer. It’s certainly obvious that the world’s largest social platform has a lot of power when it comes to generating sales and leads. With more than 1 billion registered members and a user base that often uses the platform continuously, it’s a great tool for reaching large […]

Fix AdWords with better Quality Scores

One Thing That Kills Your Google AdWords Marketing

Derek Ashauer

Marketers who love Google AdWords will tell you that it’s fast, reliable, and cost-effective. Those who aren’t fans tend to say that it’s too competitive, too expensive, and doesn’t lead to enough conversions. Over the years, we have learned from offering Pay-Per-Click management that there is one defining characteristic that separates these two groups from […]

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