Fix AdWords with better Quality Scores

One Thing That Kills Your Google AdWords Marketing

Derek Ashauer

Marketers who love Google AdWords will tell you that it’s fast, reliable, and cost-effective. Those who aren’t fans tend to say that it’s too competitive, too expensive, and doesn’t lead to enough conversions. Over the years, we have learned from offering Pay-Per-Click management that there is one defining characteristic that separates these two groups from […]

Writing blog posts for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Formula for a Perfect Small Business Blog Post

Derek Ashauer

For a lot of business owners, web content is a bit like sleep: they want more of it, but can’t seem to find the time to actually generate it. That’s understandable enough. For most of us, writing web pages and blog posts is difficult. Still, if you look at the top of Google listings for […]

Home page web design

4 Questions That Need to be Answered on Your Home Page Web Design

Derek Ashauer

If there’s one thing marketers of all stripes are learning in 2017, it’s that every page and detail on a business website matters. It’s the way all the different elements come together that will determine whether buyers stay with you or take their attention elsewhere. And ultimately, that’s the difference between having a useless web […]

WordPress is the best CMS for web design projects

7 Reasons Why WordPress Has Been Rated Best CMS for Your Website

Derek Ashauer

When W3Techs recently announced their “Technologies of the Year,” it was no surprise that WordPress was honored alongside Google, Amazon, and a host of other innovative systems. After all, this was the seventh time in a row WordPress has been chosen as the leading Content Management System (CMS). That’s because industry insiders know what we […]

Google is Pushing Even Harder for SSL Connections… is Your Website Ready?

Derek Ashauer

A few months ago, Google officially announced that it would consider Secure Socket Layers – more commonly known as SSL connections – as a search signal. Such a move fit perfectly with the search engine’s known appreciation for user experience. Long used by banks and online retailers, SSL connections are fast and encrypt any transfers […]

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