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4 Questions That Need to be Answered on Your Home Page Web Design

Derek Ashauer

If there’s one thing marketers of all stripes are learning in 2017, it’s that every page and detail on a business website matters. It’s the way all the different elements come together that will determine whether buyers stay with you or take their attention elsewhere. And ultimately, that’s the difference between having a useless web […]

The Myth of Non-Scrolling Website Visitors

Derek Ashauer

Once upon a time, there was an almost unbreakable rule in graphic design: if something was important, it had to be located at the very top of a page. For decades most valuable images and pieces of content were – and mostly still are – located “above the fold.” For those of you who don’t […]

Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Business Website

Derek Ashauer

You need a new business website, and there are more tools than ever designed to help you build your own – including WordPress templates, starter packages from web hosts, and do-it-yourself online services. The commercials make everything look easy, and beginning with an existing design could be the perfect way to save time and money, […]

Should I redesign my website?

Derek Ashauer

The magic thing about websites is that they can adapt, they can continually grow and be improved upon over time. Unlike a physical print piece such as a brochure, a website can and often should be an ongoing creative endeavor. As time goes on, your business evolves, your industry evolves, and your customers evolve. Your […]

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